To achieve the overall goal of the Renewable Energy Programme Area that is identified in the MoU, the “GAIa Programme – Geothermal Azores Iceland” will contribute directly to the following outcomes:


I. Increased geothermal power generation, in Azores
II. Improved capacity at regional level on geothermal energy solutions


The outcome I. will be reached through a pre-defined project, the purpose of which is to give grant assistance to the construction of a “Geothermal Pilot Power Plant of 3 MW, on Terceira Island”. Since this is a pre-defined project, there are not procedures for selecting/approving projects.


The outcome II. will cover activities at professional and post-graduate 6 month training courses (Small Grant Scheme – SGS) and will be reached through open calls for applications.

Small Grant Scheme

Call for applications

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Supporting Participation in 6 Month Courses 09/12/2014 09/02/2015 Closed Link Link
Sub-programme 1 – Supporting Participation in Short Courses 31/01/2014 31/03/2014 Closed Link Link
Sub-programme 2 – Supporting Participation in 6 Month Courses 31/01/2014 31/03/2014 Closed Link Link

In order to submit an application, an applicant should first analyse the support documentation available here.

Industrial companies exploiting geothermal resources for power production
Azores University